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Microsoft Outlook – Definition, Service, Process, Features, and More


What is Microsoft Outlook?

  • It is how you can also find Microsoft Outlook email manager, which aims to offer a series of advantages for both regular users.
  • If you are a daily Windows user, surely you know all the services offered by Microsoft Office.
  • And also, companies at the time of establishing communications through email.
  • In this way, Microsoft has an excellent mail system that will allow you to establish communications through these servers in a straightforward and fast way.
  • It is working similarly to other email services such as Gmail or Yahoo! You will indeed not have any problem using it.
  • Therefore, if you take advantage of Microsoft’s full range of functions and get the most out of the operating system.
  • It would help if you started using this tool.
  • That is why we will explain a little more what it is, what it is for, and the advantages of using it.

What is Microsoft Outlook, and what is this email service?

  • It is a program that works under the Microsoft Windows platform developed by said company and allowing communications establishing through an email manager.
  • Still, this time it is a system’s server.
  • Its primary mission is to receive and send email messages and store both the letters sent or received by the user.
  • Previously, this email server was called Hotmail, which has been modified as Outlook.
  • And also, is characterized by offering other functions in general apart from sending and receiving messages.
  • An Outlook is currently part of the Microsoft Office 365 installation package and can be opened in any web browser as it offers such compatibility.
  • It is essential to mention that this email server can use as a standalone application.

Main features of Outlook

Among the essential features that you can find in Outlook, we have the following:

1. Custom email addresses

  • Customizing the email addresses will prevent the messages from those accounts from ending up in the spam folder.
  • In the cases of corporate or business versions of Microsoft mail, it is essential to provide them with this type of message customization.
  • As this will prevent critical emails are going to end up in the spam folder.
  • They are difficult to find, be it the emails of the main customers or suppliers.

2. Order

  • Undoubtedly, one of its most outstanding features has been the ordering capacity.
  • It offers users the ability to organize their inbox better and mark those essential conversations with easy access and not waste time searching for them among all stored emails.

3. Storage scalability

  • One of the biggest problems with email servers is storage space in free accounts, but thanks to the capabilities of Outlook.
  • It will no longer be a cause for complaints about your customers.
  • It is how the effective options will allow you to scale prices according to your storage needs.
  • This server will achieve a constant growth of both the directory and the conversation history.

4. Data loss and leak cancellation

  • Through investment in corporate email accounts, the user, as coordinator of his company’s IT area or the company he works.
  • It will have the security and confidence to back up all his data.
  • Thanks to the personalized options offered by the platform.
  • They can receive notifications when there is a risk of data leakage and private and personal information such as credit card numbers or access credentials.

5. Mobility

  • Undoubtedly, Outlook presents the mobility that has become one of the essential characteristics of the platform.
  • Thanks to them, users will have the opportunity to access their message box either from their home computer.
  • Or office or from your smart phone or tablet.
  • In this way, it offers a personalized solution that can adapt to the customer’s time and device.

6. Integration with other collaboration tools

  • When working with these email managers, it is essential to integrate all the files with other tools in the Microsoft package, such as Microsoft Teams or One Drive.
  • It will allow creating a transparent, collaborative environment while workers carry out video conferences or meetings.

Advantages of Outlook

  • Considering the main features offered by this Microsoft email server.
  • The following will highlight some of the benefits that this platform provides.

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