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Porg – Description, Character, Animation, Porg Story, and More


The Porg

  • Star Wars has presented the Porg character and final trailer for the Last Jedi, two months after the film’s premiere.
  • It will hit screens around the world on December 15, it has released some of the details of what will be the eighth film in the original plot.
  • A trailer is full of news in which we learn more about the new characters in the saga.
  • Among them is a new character, appears in the Millennium Falcon alongside Chewbacca.
  • It aims to unseat the droid BB-8 to be crowning the franchise’s new mascot.
  • Even though Lucas film has confirmed that BB-8 will have an evil brother known as BB-9E.
  • It seems that both characters will be in the shadow of this new character, known as Porg.

What are ‘Porgs’?

  • With the aim that Luke Skywalker was not alone during his exile on the planet Ahch-To, the writer, editor, and director of the film.
  • Rian Johnson, decided to create new creatures that would become faithful and fun companions legendary Jedi.
  • The ‘porgs’ were born after the director went to the Irish island of Skellig Michael, where it filmed the end of The Force Awakens.
  • That’s where he met the puffins.
  • It is a type of bird that abounds on the island where part of the eighth film is also set.
  • “They are the most adorable things in the world,” explained the director to Entertainment Weekly.
  • From his point of view, this animal is part of the island.
  • The director decided to honor them with the porgs, a type of bird that aims to become the film’s comic point.

Social media reacts to Porg

  • In this trailer, we have seen one of the Porg that will accompany the heroes during their adventure for the first time.
  • It only took one sequence for many to have already considered it “the new Star Wars money-making machine.
  • The character has been well-liked on social networks, who is asking for a more significant role for the character.
  • Rian Johnson, the film’s director, has a choice to make: either remove the hundreds of puffins via digital editing or somehow integrate them into the film.
  • It is how Lunt finds himself in the task of designing an alien bird to camouflage the puffins.

Animation and Creation

  • Lunt considered several colors during his design, including some more vivid and exotic such as blue, purple, or green.
  • Still, in the end, the Porgs ending up being those adorable creatures (or unbearable, depending on who you ask) that we see in the film.
  • Thus, whenever we see a bird fly in The Force Awakens’ final scene or during all the stages in Ahch-To in The Last Jedi
  • What we see is a puffin. When the shots include close-ups of the bird, those are Porgs.
  • According to Johnson, the Porgs did not create as digital creatures.
  • But as actual mechanical models, which was an absolute nightmare when recording.
  • Fortunately, the terrifying seal nuns who guard the planet of Ahch-To are not inspiring by any actual inhabitants of Skellig Michael Island.

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