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Sony A7 – Specifications, Travel Companion, Drawbacks, and Reviews


The purchase Decision of Sony A7

From the first moment, I wanted a Sony A7. I speak of wonders, but it was not clear which Sony A7 to buy.

I would use it mainly for photography and some video, but I was afraid of losing a lot by leaving my brand new Canon 5D behind.

From the first Sony A7 to today, several models have come out.

The camera has evolved a lot and has become a new benchmark in Full Frame cameras.

The Sony A7II is a top seller, but the S range, like the A7S or A7SII, is your camera if your passion is video.

The S series specializes in video. On the other hand, the A7II is more aiming at pure photography, with a first-rate video.

Then there is the R range, the older sister, and the most professional of all, it’s like the A7II but with better specs.

A new travel companion

  • I have to say that this purchase decision was harsh, callous.
  • Changing brands and having to sell all the lenses and the camera is sluggish. If a brand works for you, why change.
  • But of course, seeing that Canon does not evolve as one wants and knowing that brands like Sony were putting out exciting products in the end.
  • I ended up throwing myself into the pool.
  • Once you know that Sony A7 buy the truth is that neither selling the other was a trauma nor the change was a nightmare.

The early days with the Sony A7

  • I bought the Sony A7 II with the Zeiss F4 24 – 70 lens that seemed a bit big at first but then when comparing it with a similar one from Canon, my perception changed if it’s not big!
  • That’s what I thought when seeing the same lens at Canon.
  • At the beginning with the Sony A7, everything was different. The electronic viewfinder seemed a bit strange.
  • But it gave me much more information than the Canon one and, of course, something more authentic.
  • The size is a delight much more compact and lighter.
  • The menu system, of course, more complete but just as complex as Canon’s
  • And what matters most to all of us, image quality in both photography and video. Not a tear I shed, quite the opposite.

Minor drawbacks of the Sony A7

  • Canon has always had a range of lenses, with Nikon far superior to the rest, and in this case, it is more than evident.
  • Sony with the new mirror-less cameras with E-mount and Full Frame is somewhat scarce in lenses.
  • But if your thing is to travel, there is more than enough, yes, nothing cheap.
  • I have been able to test at least three objectives, three objectives that are essential if you are a traveler like us.

Carl Zeiss F4 24-70, I use it for almost everything

  • Sony FE 24 – 240 mm, An all-rounder with excellent quality but very, very heavy
  • Sony SEL 1635Z F4-22, An excellent wide-angle, one of the few in the Sony range
  • Another of the initial drawbacks that I have been able to find is the power-up time.
  • Sony is slower, especially the processing of images with a long exposure time, where it always takes forever.
  • When you take a night photograph with an exposure time is greater than 5s when it ends.
  • It may ideally take about 10s more to show you the result.
  • I didn’t like the eyepiece protector, which came off after a few days without falling off and is still there.

I can’t live without it anymore

  • Sorry, I have to say it. My life has changed. I can no longer live without a camera like the Sony A7.
  • My reasons are many, but I can summarize them in two: quality and weight.
  • In my case, my primary use of the camera is semi-professional.
  • In many ways, it is sometimes a lot of cameras, but when you see the quality of the video, impressive.
  • And of course that of the photographs, no doubt arises with the change I made.

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