Tesla car battery – Description, Production, Specifications, and Durable Tesla car battery

What is Tesla car battery?

  • The Tesla car battery, the Californian tycoon has not provided data on what type of car we can expect, much less on its characteristics.
  • Recently there was speculation about a compact hatchback version of the Tesla Models.
  • Although a sketch of a compact car made in China was leaked earlier this year for the whole world.
  • Therefore, it is not clear which car it will be, but it does seem clear that Tesla’s cheapest car will be smaller than current models.

More powerful, durable, and cheaper batteries

  • To make the production of a more affordable electric car plausible, Tesla will begin to manufacture a new generation of batteries.
  • For electric vehicles that promise to be more powerful, durable, and cost half that of current cells.
  • This last aspect of the price is a determining factor in making the electric car cheaper since batteries currently account for around a third of its production cost.
  • Specifically, Tesla’s new, more giant cylindrical cells, dubbed ‘4680 Cells’ due to their diameter (46mm) and height (80mm).
  • It will provide five times more energy, six times 16% more power. Autonomy, Musk said.
  • As explained by Musk, the cost reduction goes through recycling the battery cells at his Giga-factory in Nevada.
  • It is reducing the use of cobalt one of the most expensive materials to practically zero.
  • A decision that contrasts with the agreement reached with the British miner Glencore.


  • It could supply it with up to 6,000 tons of cobalt per year, necessary for its expected million-mile battery, made up of a nickel-cobalt-aluminum alloy.
  • Be that as it may, Tesla has been reducing the use of cobalt in its lithium-ion batteries over the years.
    It seems that it will go further from 2016 to the present.
  • That amount reduces to 7 kg per vehicle with the new Model S and Model X, and for Model 3, the cobalt reduces to 4.5 kg.
  • Instead of cobalt, the chemical elements that will gain weight in the new batteries’ composition will be nickel and silicon.
  • Both are easier and cheaper to extract, but the physicochemical properties of the second, together with the new design of the electrodes.
  • It reduces the batteries’ degradation as they add charge and discharge cycles. Tesla expects battery life to increase by 20%.

Main Innovations

  • Another of the main innovations that, it seems, will make it possible to make your new batteries easier to manufacture.
  • It is cheaper is to eliminate the component that acts as an interface between the cells and the device to which they transfer energy.
  • Also, they have redesigned the cells to reduce the path that electrons must follow to avoid failure due to overheating.
  • Eliminating elements means reducing weight and volume and consequently weighing less on the electric car’s autonomy.
  • Production capacity will multiply by 85 in three years.
  • Tesla will produce the new battery cells initially on a new assembly line near its vehicle plant in Fremont, California.


  • The production is planned to reach ten giga-watt hours a year by the end of 2021.
  • To put it in context, Tesla and its partner Panasonic now have a production capacity of around 35 GWh at the Nevada macro battery factory.
  • However, the firm expects those figures to increase by 85 in just three years to 3 terawatts-hour per year, or 3,000 gigawatt-hours.
  • Achieving these figures among other things making current and future battery factories is much more productive.

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