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The New MVP of the Watch Party: Football Pizza


The NFL ushers in the fall and before you know it, three months have passed, one game at a time. This season, like so many others before it, has provided America with huge entertainment and now the best teams are gearing up for postseason glory.

These days, even stadiums offer pizza for those who wish to consume it. Who could forget, when concessions started selling this style of upscale cuisine, the boy that was captured on the jumbotron with the sign that read ‘Look, mom, I’m at the game and I’m eating pizza 2!’.

While the players have their version of game day glory, you can have your own and it can be centered around a football-shaped pizza. Football watch parties have been in play for years and years and there are certain things that you can do to virtually guarantee that your parties are as memorable as the games themselves.

Game Plan For Your Party

When you’re planning a gathering, you never want to get caught short on food or supplies. You might  want to generate a list of the folks who will be attending that includes what they want to eat and any particular needs that must be met on their behalves. What if somebody wants to bring their dog, for instance? Or has a gluten allergy?

Making sure that there are enough comfortable chairs and space in which to put them is huge when it comes to being comfortable over several hours. If you’re planning to split the food bill, you might consider giving everybody a rough idea of what that bill is looking at so that everybody can hash out their ideas on the actual order.

Superbowl Spread

While millions of pizzas are sold every time the NFL broadcasts a game, it is estimated that 125 million pizzas are ordered during the super bowl. With so many pizzas going out the door, you can be sure that wait times might be an issue as the big game draws near. That’s one reason that investing in pizza catering in advance might be a good idea, especially if you’re going to be feeding a lot of people.

The Superbowl is more than a game in that there are so many peripheral things that surround it. While the player backstories are playing and the analysts are making their predictions, it’s a good time to unfold your superbowl spread. You might consider some salad or fresh veggies and dip to go with the serious amounts of carbs that will be ingested by way of the pizzas, breadsticks and calzones. Remember to account for everybody’s tastes – that might mean getting some pasta dishes, too.

However you plan your special game day party, the most important thing – other than ordering enough hot, delicious pizzas to make sure that everybody leaves with full bellies – is to have fun. Leave the stress to the coaches, the players and the officials and just have fun with your people. Visit  a pizza restaurant every game day to make sure that you and your guests eat well while you’re watching your favorite teams.

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