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What happened to Vine – Description, Process, Reasons, and More


What happened to Vine?

What happened to Vine – Vine was one of the most loved applications in recent years but What happened to Vine, an application born in 2012 and quickly acquired by Twitter.

It remained without making too much noise until the end of 2016 when Twitter decided to close down.

The reason why Vine was closed is a mystery (although at that time, it was probably due to the economic situation of Twitter).

But if there is one exact thing is that the application was great and those of us who use Vine remember it fondly.

Byte, the new app from the creator of Vine

Process of Vine

  • Sharing videos on the Internet is an activity that millions of Internet users do every day.
  • Whether they are live broadcasts through Twitch, super elaborate videos on YouTube, low-quality stories on Instagram, or the increasingly addictive Tik-Tok.
  • Each of these services has its key characteristics, but they all show our passion for videos.
  • To this date, there is nothing like Vine (if you use it, you know it, and if not now, we will explain it to you).
  • And also, one of the original creators decide to bring back the concept with Byte.
  • Byte Works. Similarly, it is a platform where you can upload 6-second videos through the camera.
  • You have the most straightforward tools (such as stopping the video and continuing it or changing cameras) to unleash your creativity and upload them to the Internet.


  • The particularity of great videos is that they are played in a loop as if they were GIFs.
  • And precisely this is the critical factor that makes its predecessor so beloved.
  • On a personal level, I have high hopes that Byte can hold up like Vine did not.
  • In a few applications, I have laughed as much as I did with Vine in its day, and I hope I can meet again in Byte with all those people who made such funny creations.
  • Today’s application is entirely free, without micropayments or ads (although this may change over time).
  • Download it and give free rein to your imagination.
  • Now available for free for Android and iOS mobiles, this service allows you to record, upload and share videos with a maximum duration of 6 seconds.

Features of Vine

  • The features they have are similar to social networks: profiles, news walls, search engines, and notifications.
  • However, it is still necessary for appearance and does not yet provide many instant editing options.
  • However, what the company has planned is to launch a partner program to monetize their videos.
  • It is a considerable measure unlike what we see by Instagram, of which its influencers complain about not receiving similar treatment.
  • Therefore, in Vine Camera, we can continue recording our videos of up to 6 seconds using all the editing tools that Vine offers us to create our perfect loop.
  • The application is still limited to saving the video in our gallery to share it on our favorite social networks.

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