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What are Discord Mods? – Work, Role and More

Discord Mods

Discord Mods – Discord is a popular chatting platform that lets users create and join online communities, called servers. You can use these servers for many purposes, from casual conversations to professional networking.

But, as with any online community, there must be some rules and guidelines to ensure that everyone participating is respectful. We must make sure that decorum is maintained and conversation occurs seamlessly. This is where Discord mods come in.

As the name suggests, mods moderate the community by upholding the rules and ensuring that users follow them. They play a key role in maintaining a positive and welcoming environment for everyone on the server.

Discord mods are crucial for a server because without them a server can get really chaotic and really toxic.

What is a Discord Mod?

The job of any moderator is to keep the community healthy. Mods enforce rules, resolve conflicts and communicate information. With the power to delete posts and kick or ban accounts, your mods are your first line of defense against trolls.

As your Discord community grows, so does the potential for conflict between members. A well-respected discord mod uses its authority to restore order when an argument gets out of hand or if your community guidelines aren’t being respected. A good moderation team will also hold each other accountable for following server rules and fulfilling responsibilities.

Finally, your Discord mod team can serve as your liaison to the rest of your community. Mods can share community updates and remind members of upcoming events. They can help manage polls and announce new uploads. And if you ever need to take a break, your mods can take over while you are away to keep your community thriving.

What Do Discord Mods Do?

Discord mods are in a server to help enforce the rules of the server, invite other users to the server, and help customize the server. Discord mods can also do things such as delete inappropriate messages, timeout troublesome users, or even ban users who repeatedly break the rules of the server.

Tips For Being A Good Mod On Discord:

  1. Participate in the moderator academy
  2. Know your server’s purpose
  3. Create clear rules and use them as the guidelines for making decisions
  4. Be kind, fair, and impartial
  5. Listen to different points of view
  6. Add trustworthy moderators to your team
  7. Engage often with your community
  8. Make sure everyone feels included
  9. Create a welcoming environment

What Is the Role of a Discord Mod?

A Discord mod wears many hats; their responsibilities tend to vary. Aside from enforcing their server’s rules and Discord’s Community Guidelines, Discord mods ensure that conversations or content are moderated. Discord mods determine which conversations or content are allowed on their Discord server. If they encounter issues like violations made by one of their members, Discord mods are tasked with implementing the appropriate sanctions or punishments.

A Discord mod can perform other moderation tasks, including managing bots, deleting messages, inviting new members, and suspending or banning violators. Discord mods help out server members and ensure that issues are resolved before they’re escalated to Discord’s Trust & Safety department. A Discord mod may also be responsible for creating, arranging, and managing a server’s channels. They remove scam posts, ban spam bots, and guide members to the right channels.

What’s the difference between a Discord Admin and Discord mod?

To put it simply, Discord Admins are the ones that run the show from behind the scenes. They are the only members who can create their custom roles and text channels.

Admins enlist the help of moderators to manage the server from within. They keep the peace, ensure the conversation is flowing, and even settle arguments. They are the only server members who can delete messages.

Discord Admins

Discord Mods

5 Best Places to Find Discord Mods

To make the search for the right Discord mod easier, here are some of the best places to find mods for Discord.

  1. Agency
  2. Fiverr
  3. Discord Home
  4. Upwork
  5. Specialized Sites

How to Moderate a Discord Server?

Moderating a Discord server involves keeping the community safe, supportive, and enjoyable for all members.

Here are some tips on how to moderate a Discord server effectively.

If members have a disagreement or conflict, help mediate the situation and find a resolution that works for everyone involved.

Can Discord mods be under 18?

Our first stop is the Discord Moderator Discord or the DMD–the first and main community of the entire ecosystem. Moderators who have passed the Discord Moderator Academy Exam and are over the age of 18 can join this server.

A Final Note on Choosing a Discord Mod

Hiring a new Discord mod can be a daunting process. To take away some of the stress, consider setting a trial period for new moderators. This gives you time to get to know your mods before trusting them with more responsibility. Also, know that mods don’t always stick around forever. Other priorities may interfere with their dedication to the community, and it’s okay to rotate in new moderators when needed. Whoever you choose for your Discord moderation team, just make sure your community is well cared for.


Discord has become an important platform for businesses to launch their online communities and foster communication among their followers. While creating a Discord server is relatively straightforward, as it grows, you’ll need to take proactive steps to ensure your community remains relevant, healthy, and positive. Discord mods can help you oversee and grow your community by moderating conversations, helping members, and resolving issues.


What Are the Roles of Discord Mods?

Mods for Discord are in charge of moderating their respective Discord servers. They ensure that these groups are under control and that they remain safe spaces by settling conflicts, moderating conversations or posts, and more. Discord mods can also invite new members to their Discord server and ban or suspend violators.

What Qualities Should I Look for in Mods for Discord?

Mods for Discord should be involved in their community. Moderators should participate in conversations and help out community members. Discord mods must be familiar with Discord’s Community Guidelines and should be able to implement your Discord server rules fairly while putting the community’s well-being front and center. Discord mods should also know how to communicate effectively with Discord server members.

What Rules Do Mods on Discord Need to Follow?

The rules that Discord moderators follow can vary and will depend on their respective server’s rules. Generally, moderators must abide by Discord’s Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service.

How Much Are Mods on Discord Paid?

While Discord itself doesn’t pay moderators and the position is usually voluntary, there are businesses, like crypto projects, that pay their moderators. Depending on their location and the scale of the project they’re moderating, a Discord mod can earn between $1,000 and $3,000 on average. According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay range for Discord moderators can run from $140,000 to $254,000 annually. If you’re working with freelance Discord mods from places like Upwork or Fiverr, then individual rates may vary.

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