Importance of Youtube in a Digital Marketing Plan


The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. What was effective last year, or even last month, may already be outdated and fail to get you the results you crave. Brand owners have to learn new and more effective ways to market to today’s audiences to keep up with these fluctuations.

YouTube has become a particularly profitable place to develop a marketing schematic, though many don’t realize its potential. The site has dozens of advantages for effective marketing and checks several boxes for exposure to the right client base. What’s more, marketers don’t have to jump through a series of hoops to get users to see their content.

In fact, video content is one of the most effective ways to reach your client base. If you haven’t yet begun marketing on YouTube—or are hesitant to explore it—let us show you some examples of the benefits YouTube can have.

  1. It’s Cost-Effective

With YouTube ads, it’s possible to create an effective marketing campaign with a small budget. The site allows you to control how much you spend, and subsequently, how many people you want to reach. Creating content is inexpensive, too—modern cell phone cameras have sufficient quality for you to produce a reasonably attractive ad of your own and edit it yourself. You can even use content or ideas that you’ve used before on blogs or newsletters. When it’s reworked in video form, you’ll likely spark a new wave of interest.

  1. Better Ad Traffic

YouTube is one of the most-frequented sites on the internet. Nearly two billion people use the site every year, giving you a vast pool of potential viewers. Of all the YouTube users that click onto the site every day, there are bound to be those interested in your product or service, no matter how niche it may be. This boost in ad traffic will positively affect your page traffic.

  1. Viewers Are More Receptive

Videos capture our attention. In addition, when we are visually engaged, people tend to retain and process information more quickly. For that reason, when you use a video for advertising, your viewers will understand and utilize your brand information better than if you presented the same information in a text or audio file.

  1. Better Search Engine Rankings

Search engines like Google tend to place search results that contain videos toward the top of the search engine results page (SERP). As a result, making videos and building a presence on YouTube can help to boost your ranking, which benefits your brand’s website and your bottom line. How? If you are toward the top of the SERP, users are more likely to view your content, which can snowball into web traffic, conversions, and ultimately more revenue for you. Another tip for improving your SEO ranking would be transcribing a YouTube video. This makes it easier for people to find your video.

  1. Better Conversion Rates

It’s hard to get customers to buy a product when you’re new in the industry or haven’t yet achieved much brand recognition. However, if you forge a good relationship with YouTube and build a group of followers, those in your target audience will likely believe what you’re telling them. It’s the almighty EAT that Google has touted for so long – you’re demonstrating expertise, authority, and trust within your niche. As you gain more subscribers and even more viewers to vouch for your content, you’ll see more conversions.

  1. Real-Time Feedback

YouTube’s comment function allows you to experience what your audience is saying about you in real-time. YouTube users often comment on videos, and some even form communities within the comments of specific creators’ videos. All of these comments are information for you to digest about who your audience is, what motivates them, how they behave, what they think about your product and more.

  1. YouTube Can Be Profitable

If you release regular videos and gain a significant following, you may begin to earn profits from your YouTube content. Google AdSense allows content creators who post regularly to access part of the profits of businesses that choose to advertise on their videos. The ad money can help pay for higher-quality videos or more ads if you desire.

  1. The World’s At Your Feet

When you advertise on YouTube, you can cater to anyone from your local audience to viewers worldwide. The platform allows your ads to appear in any market you wish, so you can target untapped areas in your region or in other parts of the world where your goods or services might be popular. This kind of audience control is somewhat unique to YouTube, even with the global nature of marketing today. Other social media sites simply force ads to remain local most of the time.

Start With Videos That Convert

If you’re unsure how to incorporate videos into your brand’s marketing scheme, get a solid start by creating videos that convert. You may think you don’t have the resources to create an ad, but most businesses can achieve successful video content with their everyday work. For example, these types of videos often rank well:

  • How-to videos
  • Day in the life videos (a glimpse into your business or operation)
  • General information about your industry

These videos give the viewer valuable information about your brand or your industry and begin building your brand online. Best of all, the source content for the above videos is readily available and inexpensive to produce. Then, you can consider branching out into new topics as your video production skills improve—or hire a digital marketing company to help you develop a video marketing schematic to really seize the benefits of YouTube.

Start Creating Videos Today

The single best thing you can do in today’s digital marketing landscape is to begin producing video content. Whether you advertise on YouTube, create YouTube content, or both, bringing video into your strategy can be a great way to boost your brand exposure. Collaborate with a digital marketing service today for guidance and help with your video content.