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Best AI & ML Based App Ideas That’ll Make Money in 2022


Best AI & ML Based App Ideas – In artificial intelligence, machine learning is without a doubt one of the essential components. We already see technology being used in a variety of sectors of our everyday life.

Additionally, substantial improvements are taking place in the Mobile Application Development Industry. Some of the world’s largest corporations have either switched to machine learning applications or integrated this technology into their operations.

According to market statistics, machine learning technology is expanding rapidly. With worldwide investments in this industry, it is increasing by more than 70% in the last five years. During the next several years, it is likely to increase dramatically.

More and more firms are using machine learning to improve their administrative processes, and many are seeing significant returns. Nowadays, everyone expects a user experience that is tailored to their own needs. It is why the development of machine learning applications is proven to be advantageous.

Nowadays, everyone needs a user experience that tailor to their requirements. As a result, just developing a mobile application that caters to the needs of a diverse variety of users is not adequate anymore.

Allow artificial intelligence to do the heavy lifting for you. Applications powered by artificial intelligence may transform your mobile applications into something that clients have only dreamed around. It has paved the way for several exciting applications to emerge.

For the time being, how about we look at some mobile application concepts based on machine learning or artificial intelligence?

1. Applications for the Healthcare Industry

The COVID-19 epidemic has taught us a great deal, including the relevance of digital breakthroughs and the need to develop a future-proof medical infrastructure. If, on the other hand, we had been able to spot the epidemic in its early stages, we would have dealt with it in a completely different way.

Furthermore, we require technology to aid in recognizing the same. We need an app that can identify potential dangers and disease outbreaks and notify us of these risks and attacks.

It is possible to build a machine learning web application for the future that will keep track of all instances, analyze data using machine learning algorithms, and notify users of potential hazards. If machine learning-based apps like these had been developed earlier, who knows, we could have been able to spot this epidemic far sooner or, at the very least, could have taken proper steps to prevent it from spreading.

This type of machine learning software can assist hospitals and governments in identifying illness outbreaks and recommending immediate steps to combat the epidemic.

2. AI Chatbots: Develop Intelligent Chatbots

When customers continue to call customer service for assistance with their problems, they are no longer in the majority. Artificial intelligence-based chatbots are virtual professionals capable of systematically dealing with many inquiries and providing consumers with assistance around the clock.

Even though chatbots may easily pass for humans while conversing with customers, making them feel more comfortable, they deliver more detailed replies and are automated, requiring no human intervention.

According to the results of the polls, it is expected that by 2022, 85 percent of client collaboration will be handled without the involvement of human professionals. Indeed, 64 percent of online users believe that Chatbots’ ability to be accessible at all times is their favorite feature.

With so many benefits available to end-users, incorporating an approved aid, such as a chatbot, into your portable application may significantly improve customer interactions.

3. Travel Assistant App

Nowadays, having an application that assists users in learning more about travel by collecting data and presenting it on a knowledge-based platform is a must-have for any traveler. Many businesses are incorporating machine learning technology to provide a more personalized customer experience.

This application will assist the general public in recognizing famous destinations based on various categories and give insights into travel hacks and recommendations. In such applications, a feedback column might aid in the more thorough analysis of numerous places.

Apart from that, people enjoy planning their vacations, so if you have an application on hand that provides you with an artificial intelligence-infused travel system that can generate highly personalized suggestions, you should have no trouble making arrangements for your flights and accommodations!

Tourist data based on their journey is a must-have need for Intelligent Travel Assistant Apps to assist developers in detecting the components that should be included in the app.

4. Location Tracking Application

After everything is said and done, rather than wasting time and energy searching through Google Maps, an AI and machine learning-based geo-following application may assist users in locating the specific region and determining the exact span of movement.

The primary guideline of using AI and machine learning is to collect all of the data associated with the many objectives and focus places. And also including stores, shopping malls, clinical stores, halting zones, party scenes, restaurants, etc.

The best model is Life360, which runs cross-platform, provides a completely customizable, AI-driven area following decision on power conservation mode, and does so without sacrificing precision of the site tracked.

5. AI-Based eCommerce Applications

An artificial intelligence-based competitive advantage can be gained via client-centric websites. Artificial intelligence is becoming more widely available to many e-commerce businesses of any size or budget.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow e-shoppers to associate items with the appropriate color, size, form, and brand. Because fake intelligence-based e-commerce businesses are becoming increasingly popular, software development companies are becoming increasingly in demand. Many customer-centric online apps are already getting more complex. Besides, due to superior artificial intelligence capabilities, it is projects that this trend will continue in the foreseeable future.

Normally, Penetration Tester or a Hacker use Metasploit to exploit vulnerability services in the target server. And also, to create a payload to make a backdoor in the hacked server. But Metastploit has improved with many plugins and modules and now it can do more than that. It can be used to pentest web applications too.

Here are some instances of AI-powered eCommerce applications:

  1. Alexa is one of the most popular apps on the market utilizing artificial intelligence. It assists in the learning of the algorithms used by Amazon’s targeted marketing platform. Alexa enables Amazon to predict which items and services will be in high demand based on consumer searches and provide tailored suggestions to those customers who use Alexa.
  2. The eBay shopbot platform is excellent for locating different goods that are relevant to your needs. Use natural language processing (natural language processing).eBay also makes use of artificial intelligence to keep a competitive advantage in the marketplace. As a result, excellent machine learning is a critical component of eBay’s overall business strategy.

Similarly, you can make your eCommerce applications more feature-rich for your customers by using artificial intelligence. You may obtain mobile application development solutions to help you bring your concept to life.

6. Language Translation Apps

Although the language is used to bridge the gap between cultures, it continually creates a barrier between them and makes it difficult to grasp and discuss matters with local people.

On the other hand, making language interpretation apps has become more acceptable. It happened with the advancement of technology, particularly with AI and machine learning advances.

An AI development company will surely be able to recognize the current requirements and will have the ability to modify the program.

An engineer may quickly create intelligent conversation voice collaborators and chatbots by employing machine learning and artificial intelligence. It makes it possible to generate an interpretation of your surrounding language into the chosen language.

The conversation interfaces powered by artificial intelligence will understand your inquiry and respond to your question. And also, making it easier for you to communicate with the hotel or businessperson in the issue.

Many people rely on Google Translations; nonetheless, you must put everything into the content box, and the accuracy of the interpretation isn’t excessively accurate.

AL and ML-based language interpretation systems use highly prepared models known as “Neural Machine Translation (NMT)” to produce interpretations of phrases and archives of the highest possible information quality.

7. Implementing AI & ML in Banking Applications

Though artificial intelligence is already being used in some banking apps, having applications based on machine learning benefit businesses. Machine learning applications, for example, can assist in the examination of payment transaction data and the maintenance of a transparent and secure platform.

Financial applications can assist collect user data, create financial goals, analyze the economy, and suggest ways to make more money. Everyone knows that developing financial apps may be complex, but selecting a well-known brand name in the market to create a machine learning model where people can connect and preserve all of their financial identities and bank accounts is a game-changer.

8. Artificial Intelligence-enabled Story-telling App

Do you enjoy listening to stories or reading books while you’re driving or sitting in your car? Believe me when I say that these; stories do not always arrive when you want them to. It might be due to a hectic schedule or a variety of other factors. The Storyteller app will ensure that you listen to your favourite books or novels, read to you in an authentic narrative fashion using your mobile device’s speaker.

Put the story’s PDF or Word file into the app’s text field. Or send a link to it, and the mobile app will read it aloud, not a dictation, but as if a professional narrator read it. Additionally, depending on the hierarchical evaluation of the received tale, this mobile app will predetermine your storytelling style.

9. Automated Recruitment App

Can we safely assume that you devote significant effort to evaluating each profile to find the most appropriate counterpart for the present position? Isn’t this a time-consuming procedure?

Finding and hiring the most qualified and talented people with the appropriate range of competencies may be pretty challenging. With the AI and machine learning placed in the online enlistment application, you will undoubtedly be able to engage skilled workers without the hassle of a lengthy recruitment process.

According to the overview assessment, artificial intelligence and virtual personal assistants will displace around 69 percent of the tremendous burden of the Manager by the year 2024.

10. Power, Energy, and Cost-saving Apps

Power companies can significantly improve their efficiency and predict future energy demands at the granular level thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

GE Renewable Energy, for example, has proposed the concept of a “computerized wind ranch,”. It includes artificial intelligence programming that monitors turbine development and can assist raise energy age levels by up to 20%.

Thanks to its energy-efficient AI-enabled innovation, the Codegreen Energy application has the potential to save billions of dollars over time.

The flexible application considers the efficiency of energy levels in thousands of structures. It is to determine whether or not they comply with the regulations exhibiting their Energy Star score.


Machine Learning offers a tremendous deal of usefulness and power, and it has the potential to change the world. If we take a step back, no one could have predicted the existence of a technology. This would make our lives simpler.

Over the years, we have seen technology infiltrate all aspects of our lives. The year 2022 will be an excellent opportunity to enter the digital world with something as intriguing as Machine Learning, among other things.

Suppose you are a startup firm looking to build your AI-enabled app. In that case, you may work with an artificial development company that specializes in providing feature-rich AI-based app development solutions. So, work with a reputable app development company to create excellent machine learning applications for various verticals and industries.

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