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Galaxy Note 10 – Specifications, Review, Differences, and More


Difference between Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus

  • There are four main differences between the Galaxy Note 10 and the larger Note 10 Plus.
    1. Screen size and resolution
    2. Battery size, shape, and charging speed
    3. Micro SD expansion
    4. Memory (is more RAM and storage on the Note 10)
  • The Galaxy Note 10 Plus gets an additional Depth Vision camera, but we won’t cover that in detail here.
  • The major difference you can see is that edge detection, and bokeh in portrait mode isn’t as good on the Galaxy Note 10 as it is with the Note 10 Plus camera.

What a smaller Galaxy Note 10 look like?

  • It is really great as the smaller size of the Note 10 is actually the major reason I want it over the larger version.
  • I usually use the smaller Pixel 3 as my routine driver, so the news is I like a more easily pocketable phone.
  • The thought of having a phone that can do everything a Note can but in a small form was too enticing a prospect to refuse.
  • If you are more into your phone being light and pocket-friendly, the smaller Note 10 may be good for you too.
  • It’s 13.5% smaller and 17-18% lighter than the Note 10 Plus but still does most of the same thing.
  • The smaller Note 10 footprint — about being similar to the Galaxy S10 — means you don’t quite get the full-blown, super-immersive Note 10 Plus experience, but you do get something very close.

What can be the Galaxy Note 10 battery life?

  • One of the upshots of a small, lower-resolution screen is battery savings, something you need to be given the Note 10’s meager 3,500mAh cell.
  • The Note 10 battery is not appropriately exact and tiny for the phone screen, but it is far from what most people would want on a phone like this.
  • Fortunately, the battery performance on the Note 10 is about the same as on the larger version’s 4,300mAh battery.
  • Unfortunately, they’re both just ok.

What is the best thing about it?

  • I can say the size, hands down.
  • It has a fantastic Samsung screen display with an S Pen that’s nowhere near as huge as the bulkier Note 10 Plus.
  • You can get the same software experience, excellent performance, awesome cameras, and fantastic S Pen functionality, but in a form that is more good and realistic for people.

What is the worst thing about it?

  • Well, I can say, probably battery life.
  • While it’s ok, it isn’t enough to power a phone through after a full day of serious use.
  • When you keep everything you can in a phone like it, you have to expect it to be heavier than an average user.
  • Its battery is fine, but it’s not quite up to the task of meeting a power user’s all-day needs.
  • If you are not as fixated on battery life as some of us, then you can be able to look at it in the past; the battery life is, after all, much similar to a lot of other phones on the market.
  • But it is meant to be better than all of them, and when it comes to battery life, it’s just the same.

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