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Power Bank Write for Us

Power Bank Write for Us

Power bank with tablet and phone

A power bank is an external battery for mobile devices. It’s easy to take with you, so you can provide your phone, tablet, or smartwatch with the extra power it needs to make it through the day. You can connect this rechargeable battery to your phone via a USB cable, which will charge just like when connected to the socket.

Why do I want a Power Bank?

If you’re on the go all day, you often can’t charge your phone or tablet. A power bank solves this problem, since it provides extra power for a phone, tablet, or laptop and sometimes even sets your device entirely. Perfect for making it through your working day, holiday, or school day without being unreachable.

Advice on choosing a power bank.

How do I use a Power Bank?

Use Power bank

You can find one or more USB ports on the power bank. With some power banks, you can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. Also, you can plug the charging cable into a USB port on your power bank, and your device will have power again. It’s that easy! Many power banks have an LED light indicating how much power is left.

What Types of Power Banks are there?

Three significant types of Power Bank found on the market today:

  1. Universal Power Bank. They come in many sizes and configurations that personalized to your device requirements and budget.
  2. Solar-Charged Power Bank. They have photovoltaic panels that trickle-charge the internal battery when placed in sunlight. Solar charging isn’t fast, so they can also charge via cable.
  3. The third type of Power Bank is older-style battery phone case. This type of Power Bank has narrow device compatibility While they can be handy.

What can Power Banks Charge?

These battery packs can power anything, from your smartphone and tablet to laptops and portable game consoles like the Nintendo Switch. However, they’re primarily aiming at mobile media and communication devices.
Most can charge smartphones multiple times, and a few have more than one output, allowing you to capture several devices simultaneously, like two smartphones or your smartphone and tablet.
Some models even pack enough grunt to power laptops, but we’d recommend this only if you’re caught without access to a power point or have forgotten your laptop charger. It’s handy in an emergency but isn’t a substitute for your standard external power supply.
The main thing to consider when shopping for a power bank are:

  1. size
  2. shape
  3. weight
  4. capacity

A nice clear indication of available power is also helpful, with some model showing digital display rather than bars (e.g. “80% remaining”).

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