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S1mple Has a Word With CS: GO Devs, Says the Game is in a Bad State


The player “S1mple” from team Natus Vincere says the game is in a terrible state right now. Now, he not only says that as a professional player but he also says this is the case for the casual player. The player expressed this through interviews and recently through twitter where he said :

“Just give me few millions, so I will make your game better, not only professionally, but also for players who rarely login and want to enjoy the game. Not kidding, at least your numbers will grow.”

S1mple likes talking over twitter, another example he earlier said that the developers  are incapable of fixing basic and easy brightness and display bugs in the game.

Who is S1mple and his influence in the game

Олександр “S1mple” Олегович Костилєв is a Ukraine player for Natus Vincere. A cs:go team that has been around since 2009 now features mostly Russian and Ukraine players. Over the lifetime of the team they have an approximate earnings of 10.2 Million USD.

S1mple took home about 1.4M USD for himself, being the best and MVP of the team by far.

S1mple , also known as the “undertaker” , is the main AWPer for the team, being upfront and the shot caller of the game most of the time. He has a big audience following him for his blunt and straightforward character as a player. Even in-game stickers of S1mple get featured. However they might not come in cheap. To snag better deal take a look at offers from CSGO crash gambling sites. These are often the places you can get your hands on skins for cheap.

Valve and updates

Valve, the company behind the successful franchise Counter Strike, has been known to only rarely bring out major updates. As a part of their philosophy to keep things the same and to keep things feeling “familiar” to the players over time, Valve avoids updates only if they are really game breaking they might jump in.

Valve has not really responded or reacted to this as of now. They might later but Valve does not often communicate back to the community. Sad, because many members of the community come up with great ideas on how to improve both professional play and casual.

One big thing they did add back in 2013 was community skins. Community skins via steam allow members of the community to create their own skin and upload that for people to use in their games via a workshop.

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