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Spider Man Far from Home end Credits – A most surprising story


Spider-Man: Far From Home end credits scene

  • The Spiderman far from home end credits are one of the most surprising, not from Marvel, but from recent cinema.
  • After the events during the film, Peter Parker and MJ are now an official couple.
  • In the finale, we see Spidey take MJ for a ride swinging between New York City buildings. After the credits, we resume the same scene.
  • Peter Parker leaves MJ on the ground to go when they see surprising news on one of Times Square’s giant screens.
  • Mysterio recorded a video before he died in which he accused Spider-Man of killing him and devising the attack in London (a conveniently modified video).

What does this story mean for future franchising?

  • But not only that, but when the Mysterio video ends, we see J.Jonah Jameson himself, the legendary editor of The Daily Bugle (where Peter Parker works).
  • Making his first appearance in the MCU and accusing Spider-Man of being a public danger!
  • But the exciting thing is that Jameson plays by JK Simmons, who already played the character in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy in the early 2000s.
  • The scene does not end there, as it reconnects with the video that Mysterio recorded, which ends with a devastating phrase: “Spider-Man is Peter Parker.” Boom!
  • The villain reveals Spider-Man’s secret identity!
  • Endless possibilities open up. Peter is dealing with pressure to let the world know he is Spidey as a teenager.
  • And not only that, but the discrediting campaign against the arachnid superhero seems to have just begun. Dark times are coming for Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Second post-credits scene

  • After the end credits of the film comes the second post-credits scene.
  • If you have noticed something strange about Nick Fury or Maria Hill during the whole plot, it is that you are a very wise fan: it’s not them, but Skrulls!
  • Nick Fury is Talos, who seems to be doing Fury a favour. And where is he? On a ship in space, resting and supervising (he already deserves it)!
  • The scene is surprising and comical and raises an important question: if Nick Fury met the Skrulls in the 90s, as we saw in ‘Captain Marvel’.

How often have we seen him on the screen, and it was not him but a Skrull?

  • Have you used that technique over the years to protect yourself?
  • And another of the most exciting aspects of this scene is when Nick Fury is in a kind of giant ship in space that is none other than the headquarters of SWORD (Sentient World Observation and Response Department ).
  • The evolution of SHIELD Created by Josh Whedon in 2004 in ‘Astonishing X-Men,’ this secret organization watches over space to try to prevent new alien invasions on Earth.

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