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How Startups Can Take Advantage Of Instagram Reels?


Are you thinking about creating a short video to let your audience know about your new product? Or, do you want to share the media of your employees working on a project?

Well, no matter what your purpose is, you can fulfill it by creating a reel on Instagram. However, before we start talking about how you can take advantage of Instagram reels, let us share a little about them first.

In essence, an Instagram reel is a short video, which can be used for sharing tips, inspiring people, or generating good vibes altogether.

Usually, the duration of this type of video tends to be somewhere between ten to thirty seconds. They typically carry a lot of dialogue-based captions too, especially if you are sharing a tutorial through the video.

But, how will it help a brand in terms of growth and awareness?

Let’s find out.

Using Reels For An Instagram Video – A Guide 

Most people consider reels to be a strategy to get more instagram views!

Although it might seem so at first, using Instagram reels can be pretty beneficial for your business. For instance, it can improve the overall visibility of your profile and create a sense of shareability for your posts. Besides, as reels are incredibly prominent, they can boost your brand’s discoverability as well.

Besides, as reels are incredibly prominent, they can boost your brand’s discoverability as well. Also, with instagram reels is one way for you to get real instagram followers.

However, the feature is still pretty new. Therefore, if you cannot use them efficiently, it won’t help you achieve anything at all.

Hence, to offer you a helping hand, we’ve enlisted a few ideas to kick-start your plan correctly. Let’s go through the same together.

Share Tips 

If you have a service-based organization, you probably already know the pain points of your audience. So, why don’t you start your reels journey by addressing the same first?

For example, if you’re offering a pizza-delivery service, you can make a video about how to make tasty pizza in five minutes. It’s interesting, attention-grabbing, and engaging!

Answer Questions 

If you are an otherwise interactive individual, your consumers will definitely share various questions with you. Hence, if you want to make everything a little more convenient for them, you can try answering these queries in a reel.

You can also create a poll prior to releasing the reel and ask everyone about the topic they want to know about. It will make your post seem even more engaging and consumer-friendly.

Showcase A Product 

Is your company launching a brand new product during the upcoming month? Then, you can try sharing a sneak-peak for the same through a reel.

Show the item in the video directly or share a riddle-worthy post and ask everyone else to guess what’s about to be launched. It’ll be a pretty intriguing experience, nonetheless!

Proclaim About Special Offers 

If you are thinking about launching a special offer in the upcoming festive season, you can also try sharing the news through a reel.

As it’s almost like a product launch, we’ll ask you to integrate some graphics to make the content look much more eye-catching.

Share A Fun Behind-The-Scenes Experience 

Do your employees get around with bloopers too frequently? In that case, why don’t you record them and share the same through an Instagram reel?

Yes, it won’t be educational or anything as such. However, people, especially your consumers, would love to see or learn more about your organization and how it operates!

Place Advertisements 

Last yet not least, you can also use reels to post ads in a specific location where your target audience will see them. It can be an excellent way to diversify your marketing channel a little and go beyond email or Google ad marketing.

Also, as Instagram is a little more restricted, you can be sure that the advertisement will only be seen by your consumers. Hence, it will increase the overall likelihood of people commenting on your post or interacting with you!


Although new, the Instagram reel feature can be pretty exciting and engaging if you are creative enough. However, if you’re just starting out, getting the right idea might be a little tricky for you.

Hence, in that case, we will ask you to follow our tips closely. Once you become an expert in it, you can dish out your own plans and create something on your own.

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