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PS5 Cost – Release, Best Price, Standard & Digital Edition, PS5 Applications, and More



The PS5 is one of the most powerful game consoles on the market, packing cutting-edge features such as 4K support, variable refresh rate and an SSD so fast that games take a matter of seconds to load.

The only true rival to the PS5 is the Xbox Series X, which features similar specs. So when deciding between the two, it may well come down to your preference of exclusive games, as well as the various accessories and services on offer.

Sony has released several PlayStation exclusives for the PS5, including God of War Ragnarok, Ratchet and Clank. Rift Apart and Horizon Forbidden West. Sony also brags an advantage over Xbox for virtual reality fans, with the PlayStation VR 2 an optional extra – albeit an expensive one.

About PS5

About PS5

  • Sony had disclosed the PS5 Cost and information about the Play station 5 last year.
  • First, the controller – the Dual Sense presents, and finally, the console itself unveils in June.
  • The PS5 has been on the market since November 2020.
  • It indicated the price for Sony’s next-gen console long in advance.

PS5 price: This is how much the standard & digital edition of the Play station 5 costs

  • Many insiders and leaks had suggested months earlier how much the PS5 will cost.
  • The general tenor was that the price for the Play station 5 would be around 500 Euros.
  • The assumption was confirmed when Sony officially announced the information in September.

These are the regular prices for the Play station 5:

PS5 Standard – Edition: 499 EUR

PS5 Digital – Edition (without drive): 399 Euro

  • Since the retailers only have small quotas available for orders months after the release, it is still challenging to get to the PS5.
  • There are numerous providers online who want to sell the console at an exorbitant price – some over 1,000 Euros.
  • We strongly advise against buying from such shops.
  • PS5 currently sold out everywhere and not permanently available
  • The release of the new Play station took place in November in Japan.
  • In the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Korea, the console releases on November 12.
  • In the rest of the countries, including Germany, the PS5 didn’t hit the market until a week later.
  • Sony had started the pre-sale very surprisingly.
  • We can also order the PS5 in Germany, but it is often sold out at retailers and not available at retailers such as Amazon, Saturn, or Game stop.
  • If you want to order the PS5, you have to be very patient in 2021.

PS5 price: Sony could lower the cost because of the Xbox Series X

  • An update from September 16, 2020, says that Microsoft recently disclosed all information about the Xbox Series X and S. Both models of the next-gen Xbox would appear in November.
  • The prices should be pretty attractive for gamers – especially the Series S, which will be available for 299 euros.
  • Sony is now in an advantageous position and can orientate itself to its big competitor.
  • And as the site Game reactor has gained from several sources, the company will adjust the price for the PS5 accordingly.
  • Originally, shortly after the Microsoft announcement, the portal reported that the next-gen Play station would be “considerably” more expensive.
  • Sony knows how much the gaming consoles of the competition will cost. The planned price for the PS5 is lower.

Game reactor assumes that the prices now show us like this:

PS5 Standard – Edition: 499 EUR

PS5 Digital – Edition : 399 EUR

  • It means that the full-featured versions of the PS5 and Xbox Series X w the same price.
  • However, we can confirm it when Sony also officially publishes the information.

PS5 price: Insider names the costs for the Play station 5 Standard and Digital Edition

  • Update from August 18, 2020: The Italian industry is the insider analyst Roberto Serrano. He has now revealed the PS5 prices on Twitter.
  • His information coincides with those that were previously leaked to the French online shop Carrefour.

It is how much Sony’s next-gen consoles will cost, according to Serrano:

PS5 Standard – Edition: 499 EUR

PS5 Digital – Edition : 399 EUR

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