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WhatsApp conference call – Description, Process, Application, and More

WhatsApp conference call

What is WhatsApp conference call?

Although the application allow WhatsApp conference call with several contacts, possibly the most helpful tool for this, we all have it installed on our mobile.

However, there is no means for you to see them and chat face to face with them.

It is not the same as the bar, but less is nothing.

Making a video call on WhatsApp, the first thing to do is open the “app” and find one of the contacts with whom you want to make the video conference.

If you click on it, you will see how the conversation opens and how two icons appear in the upper area of the screen.

One of them is in the form of a video camera, and it is one which you must press to start the video call.

How can you do WhatsApp conference call?


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